How ONE Muscle Can Be Your Ticket To Lowering Cortisol, Boosting Metabolism, and Burning stubborn fat

Learn how the best way to burn stubborn fat is by releasing and normalizing this ONE muscle.  Once you learn this secret, you can begin shrinking stubborn fat around the belly, hips, thighs and underarms.

The negatives of too much cortisol

Not only does it set you up for memory and focus issues, it can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and low immune system. But the focus of this class will be on how it slows metabolism and triggers the accumulation of excessive unwanted fat, and the 3 main steps required to improve it.

"How do I know if I have too much cortisol?"

  • Do you have a chronically stressful job or home life?
  • Do you tend to accumulate fat around the belly?
  • Do you have carb cravings at night regulalry?
  • Is it difficult to go to sleep at a decent hour?
  • Is it difficult to get a good deep sleep?
  • Do you tend to think the worst scenarios (doomsday)?
  • Are you tired or feel fatigued regularly?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of the questions above, there's a good chance you have chronically high cortisol.

What You Get In This 21-Minute Class

be Prepared to Transform

Learn the 7-Minute "Body-Based" Approach to relieving Anxiety, tension and normalizing cortisol levels

The Body-Based Method is quickly becoming a treatment of choice for many people because it works quickly, can potentially heal for long-term, and it can be performed at home.  In this class, you'll learn an easy 7-Minute Workout Routine that is helping many people unlock, release and normalizes this one muscle that is a trigger for anxiety and elevated cortisol.

If you do these active movements correctly, you can effectively lower cortisol and unleash your body's fat burning hormones.

The #1 Worst position To Avoid that makes this muscle Knot-Up!

Just as there are moves that improve it, there are moves and positions that hurt it causing dysfunction.

A Common Household Trigger That Spikes Cortisol (Unknowingly) And How You Can Eliminate It in 21 seconds!

Most Americans are under chronic stress and anxiety and don't even know it. It leads to hypertoxicity, acidity and rapid aging. This secret is scientifically proven to help you get into a "Flow State" where you can calm yourself in just 21 seconds.


3 foods that calm this Muscle and release tension from the body. How to eat them, when to eat them, and where to purchase them.

Why attend?

"I've been doing this for 30 days and lost 7 pounds! I'm super happy!"  -Illia G. (42)

Why Attend?

Even if other exercise and dieting attempts have failed, this is different.

This is not your generic exercise and dieting class.  It's proven to work on over 90% of people who learn it (even when they don't do it perfectly).

It's not too late to change...

There's no reason resort to medications, surgeries or drastic expensive programs. This can reverse high cortisol and unwanted weight so you can start feeling comfortable in your own skin.  You're not defined by any conditions. You are in control. This class can make it possible.

You don't have to do it perfectly...

Many who learn it are not doing it perfectly. That's not required. What is required is that you learn it, do it and keep doing it for 30 days consistently. Make it a habit and you will see great rewards.

About the Instructor, James Ko

James understands the struggles of being overweight, unhealthy, and overwhelmed firsthand. Not too long ago, he found himself on the brink of a heart attack, his own body suffering from self-neglect and the damaging effects of chronically high cortisol levels that wreaked havoc on his digestive and nervous system.

james ko, PT

The workout you learn in the class takes just 7minutes to do but are designed to open the fat burning channels.

Ironically, during this time, James was busy coaching athletes to improve their performance, health, and agility as a sports physical therapist, all while his own health was deteriorating.

The silver lining is that James was able to turn his health around and is now dedicated to helping others find a new lease on life.

With a passion for research and a background in science, James couldn't stand by idly as misinformation spread across the internet. He's committed to sharing breakthrough tips and secrets that specifically target the healing of the nervous system, microbiome and gut. Over the past 23 years, James has assisted patients from all walks of life, including CEOs, postpartum moms, athletes, and children, in swiftly and safely achieving optimal health, energy, and a toned, lean physique.

James's mission is to revolutionize the medical, health, and fitness industries by offering groundbreaking programs that produce unparalleled results. More importantly, he's dedicated to providing individuals with the step-by-step guidance needed to turn these transformations into lifelong habits. After all, what's the point of achieving health and fitness goals if they aren't sustainable?

To learn more about James Ko and his transformative approach to health and wellness, connect with him on his social media profiles.

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James Ko is a Nutrition & Performance Specialist, Sports Physical Therapist, Fat & BMI Scientist & Over 50 Dad.

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