Ko's 21-Day Online Metabolic Reset Challenge

How to Reset Your MetabolismAnd Awaken Cellular energy 

And Start achieving optimal health & physique  quickly & Easily-- (Do from home In just 21 Days)

Designed For the Way our bodies work after the age of 35.  Balances Hormones and Awaken Cellular Energy. Optimized to work Regardless of Your Age or Physical condition

What Are People Saying?

Don't trust the sanctity of your health and body to just anyone...

James Ko, PT, CMC and Amanda Dee, CYI, CPI

If you're over 35 years of age, you already know that getting and staying healthy is not as easy as it used to be.  Once your hormones start going out-of-whack, traditional diet and exercise doesn't work anymore. I was born in 1969, so I know exactly what you're going through.

Even if you lose some weight by doing fad diets, long lengthy cardio/workouts, or 10,000 steps, it usually comes right back--plus more.

However, when you try the metabolic reset method, everything changes. Everything gets lighter and easier.  Your hormones reset, your muscles get tone, fat burning gates open, and you feel younger.

But truth be told, in order to get your metabolism reset, most places charge you around $4,000 and it will take 12-months to complete (and there would be no guarantee).

Most people can't afford that.

I believe everyone should have access to this kind of information regardless of socioeconomic or academic status. 

That's why I created a way where you can learn it (and do it) from home, all online, at a fraction of the cost.

It's called "Ko's 21Day Metabolic Reset Online Program." And people say the quality of information and instruction is better than the more expensive programs they've tried.

Give it a try. And if you're not satisfied, I'll return every dime you pay.*

Certified Metabolic Coach, Sports Physical Therapist, Over 50 Dad

*Since this is a proprietary program and patent pending, some conditions do apply. See guarantee section for official terms.

This helped me truly understand why I was failing to lose weight on my own.  And the 8 minute exercise sequence has greatly reduced the chronic pains around my neck and shoulders.

-Kim K.

Here's What You Get...

You Get 21 Days of expert instruction online on how to use ko's 4 step formula to:  1) reset your body's mitochondria, 2) boost metabolism, 3) stop chronic inflammation, aches and pains and, 4) Turn ON Your Fat Burning Gates and start seeing results at last.  You won't pay the customary $4,000 price tag for this program since it's all done online. But you will get the entire instruction and guidance from James Ko himself for just 3 payments of $120.  You can also add a buddy for just $79.  Download the Calendar here.

How It Compares To other options

It's easy to fail when you don't have the right program, quality instruction, accountability, and community encouragement.  You won't fail here--no matter your age or condition.

Amazing support & coaching from Amanda & Jimmy! The best way to get healthy & stronger all while learning proper form & nutrition. I have finally found my fitness family!

-Laura B.

Why this works...

You'll Learn How One Secret Formula Using Just 5-Foods, 5-Movements (Optimized for your particular body type) Can RESET Your Body's Mitochondria, Boost Metabolism, Stop Chronic Inflammation And Dramatically Improve Health And Energy.  It's the movement, sequence and programming Together that deliver results.  It also helps burn more calories all day long (well after you're done exercising). What's nice is that it Replaces Long Boring Cardio, Expensive Diet Plans & packaged meals, and gym memberships!

Eat Smarter (Not Less)

These 5 foods can be found in any grocery store (and are cheaper than bad foods). And when prepped correctly and eaten at the right time, you boost metabolism. We're gonna eat smarter, not less.

Workout Smarter (Not Longer)

The Multi-Functional Movements take just 7 to 21 minutes and can be done anywhere! (Because we’re gonna workout SMARTER, not longer). All you need are 2 dumbbells!

Boost Cellular Energy With a Simple 3-Minute (Secret) BioHack

This scientifically proven bio-hack accelerates metabolism for faster results as it targets 3 key organs, hormones and enzymes responsible for mitochondria health.

All Scientifically Designed To Boost Metabolism (& Calorie Burn) for 24-72 Hours After Workout.

The BEST Way to Get Energized, Tone & Lean is by

Burning Calories & Inflammation When NOT Exercising

There are TWO WAYS your workouts can burn calories:

1. Your workout can burn during the workout.


2. Your workout can continue to burn calories (and visceral fat) AFTER your workout is done (when not exercising).

The Movements performed in the "21 Day Metabolic Reset Program" are designed to burn calories and inflammation (and visceral fat) after your workout is over...

...so that you your body keeps burning all the time, not just when you're working out.

This is the best way to get energized, tone and lean.

Here's why you should not miss this opportunity

Let's cut to the chase...

I know (all too well) the stress and danger of neglecting your health. This was a picture of me not too long ago...

I always thought, "I'll do it later..." when it came to my health and fitness.

Providing for my family always came first.

Always working, traveling to see clients, teaching conferences, training staff, raising kids, -- "Who has time for workouts, de-stressing, or healthy cooking?"

But I began to notice weird things happening...

- The increasing belly bulge

- Losing breath climbing up a flight of stairs

- Forgetting why I walked into a room

- The decreasing sex drive

Little did I know, I was being warned of something tragic.

The signs were being sent to me everyday (God was trying to warn me).

They were little signs back then but now, in hindsight, they were huge glaring megaphone blinking red warning signs!

One day, while entangled in an argument with a friend, I began feeling a tight pain in my chest, left shoulder, and jaw...

I thought for sure I was having a heart attack.

Luckily, it was only mild.  Later that day, I decided to make a change (I woke up to God's warnings). 

I decided to make my health a priority.

I decided to workout and destress regularly (I'll show you exactly what I do).

I decided to make ME a priority even over the duties to my family and business.  

Yes, you heard me correctly...

My health became more important than the duties to my family and business.

My boy Mac (12) thinks the world of me. Follows me. Mimics me.

My girl Cozy (9) watches me like a hawk. She's always listening even when I don't think she is. She's always observing...

If I don't set a good example for my kids, what will happen to them?! Will they develop the wrong habits, too?! I don't wanna take that chance. I won't take that chance.

Focus on improving your health (and mind) and your finances will FOLLOW! Everything will follow!  I guarantee it.

I've never been more eager and energized in my life! Never.

I was able to turn it around with the quick Multi-Functional Movement workouts and nutrition system,...

...and you can, too.

James Ko, Certified Metabolic Coach, Sports Physical Therapist, Over 50 Dad,
Founder of 21MetabolicReset

"In a recent national survey, 71% of people said their health is more important than their duty to job and family."

Here's How Just ONE "AfterBurn" Workout Can Boost Metabolism & Calorie Burning for 24-72 Hours

These workouts are designed and optimized for those with gut, health, arthritis, or metabolism issues because that's the very reason they're metabolism is low and body is accumulating stored (visceral) fat in the first place.

Visceral fat is a symptom of an internal system issue (not a genetic one).

That's why even when they cut calories, they don't always burn visceral fat (and may gain even more as metabolism shuts down).

This program is more than just calories or fat... It's about fixing your health and internal systems.

It's important to know, these workouts are not like other exercises (like cardio, weights, yoga or HIIT),...

...they're based on MultiFunctional Movements (MFM) that unlock and target inflammation and stored fat.

It replaces long boring cardio and gym memberships, and delivers long-lasting results.

The 7 to 21 minute AfterBurn workouts you can do at home are designed and optimized for those with metabolism issues and ONE workout can increase calorie burning for 24-72 hours after the workout is done.

3 Worst Mistakes People Make...


Thinking:  MORE Cardio = More Results

Longer cardio exercise in general is not 100% bad. But like anything, there's a right and wrong way to do it.

There are many reasons we don't generally recommend long cardio workouts, but here's a few:

  1. It's repetitive so it's easier to get injured and wear joints.
  2. It can train your body to store fat when done incorrectly.
  3. It can increase inflammation and pain if muscular imbalances and weakness is present.

There's a time a place for cardio and there's a way to perform them correctly but honestly it's not the best way to get tone and lean.


Thinking:  Eating Less Calories = Less Fat

Stored fat is different from the 4 types of fat and don't respond well to cutting calories.

And for those with gut, health, arthritis and metabolism issues, intaking less calories can slow their metabolism.

We show you the 5-Foods you should include into your daily routine in order to boost metabolism. They can be found in any grocery store and cost less than bad/junk food.

We show you how to prep them and when to eat them.

But know...
that these 5-Foods alone won't boost metabolism as much unless you do the 5-Movements as well.


Avoiding Strength Exercises That Work Multiple Muscle Groups

When you start the AfterBurn Workouts, you're gonna feel muscles you never knew you had.  You're gonna get sore. You're gonna feel challenged... But you're gonna love it at the same time.

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." (Do you agree?)

LADIES, don't worry: You're NOT gonna get big or bulky. I repeat, "You're not gonna get big or bulky."  That just won't happen.

But what you ARE GONNA GET is... tight and tone everywhere. Nice, right?!  

Multi-Functional Movement training -- working multiple muscle groups in a certain sequence and pace -- is REQUIRED to boost metabolism and burn stored fat. It's required to reduce systemic inflammation.

GUYS, don't worry:  You, on the other hand, are gonna grow some muscle, because you have a lot of testosterone (which ladies don't have much of). You are gonna see your muscles more defined and pop out more.

But make no mistake, ... The main purpose of the Workouts is to reduce inflammation and boost metabolism, NOT become a bodybuilder.

3 Big Mistakes People Make include: 1. Thinking MORE CARDIO = More Results, 2. Thinking EATING LESS = More Results, and 3. Not Doing Strengthening MFM exercises that work multiple muscle groups.

Here's WHY So Many People Are Joining This Program

1. They're tired of being unhealthy with slow metabolism and excess stored-fat. And when they see so many getting results with this program, people of the same walk of life, same condition, same age, who are getting a new lease on life. They can't resist. They sign up.

2. They don't know what to eat.
Many are overspending at the grocery store, or on expensive diet plans and packaged meals, when there's a much easier way and cheaper way.

3. They're scared.
They don't wanna die by diabetes, heart attack, stroke, depression or cancer. They don't wanna die an untimely death.

4. It replaces long, boring cardio.
No one wants to do long boring cardio but they falsely think it's the only to results. Once they learn the science, they're happy to know there's a better option.

5. It replaces gym memberships.
74% of gym goers hardly ever or never use their gym membership. They sometimes throw away over $959.24 every year. 

"71% of People Say THEIR HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT Than Duty to Job and Family. "

What's Included In The "21-Day Metabolic Reset Program"?

The 21-Day Metabolic Reset

Food & Workout Challenge

The  21-Day Challenge is a health & fitness program optimized for those with metabolism issues. It's geared to boost metabolism and reduce inflammation for 24-72 hours after each workout (AfterBURN)

The secret to the program is in three things:


The 5-Food Method (see details below).


A Secret BioHack (see details below).



The 7 to 21-Minute AfterBurn Workouts that work multiple muscle groups, in a scientific sequence, at optimal intensities. 

It's very different than HIIT, cardio, regular yoga or weight-lifting.

It's highly proprietary.

These movements are designed to correct imbalances, weaknesses, and reboot your metabolism, getting you tone, lean and strong in the shortest time possible.

Short 7 to 21-Minute Workouts - All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat.

Workouts are 7 to 21-minutes and you get better results than an hour long of cardio or classes at the gym.

The proprietary protocols we use train your body to workout smarter, not longer.

Even though the workouts are short, you're gonna feel muscles you never knew you had. It's gonna be challenging. But it's gonna be soooo worth it.

When your metabolism is reset and trained to AfterBURN, you enjoy a tone, lean and strong body.

How to Take 5-Common Foods & Turn Them Into Metabolism Boosting Fuel

To Do With the 5-Workouts to Maximize Results

Included in the Program, you also get the secret to taking 5 common foods -- found at any grocery store -- and add them to your daily routine to boost metabolism and calorie burning.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna starve you or make you eat like a bird (No, that can slow down your metabolism).

You're gonna learn the truth about food and how to burn stubborn fat faster, balance hormones, and detox your body.

The prep is fast and easy and your whole family will love it. Kids even love it!

It's not "diet food" or pre-packaged meals you have to buy. And it replaces expensive diet plans.

You'll learn how to spend less at the grocery store yet fuel your body better with the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs -- even healthy fats :)

A Revolutionary BioHack

Reverses Aging, Lowers Inflammation & Burns Stubborn Fat

A special bonus you get in the Program, is a secret Biohack that James Ko has been using with only his elite athletes over the past 25 years.

It's been privy only to his VIP clients who pay $30k for his services but it's now available to you.

It enhances performance like none other.

It's simple to do once he shows you how.

You're going to learn the truth about Anti-Aging, what it takes and how to reverse joint and cellular damage.

When you follow this 3-minute procedure thats done at home using one simple tool that cost just $9 online, you begin to improve blood pressure, inflammation, fat reduction, and reverse aging.

You'll be shocked at how quickly it leads to improvement in function, flexibility, and energy level.


(Valued at Over $1,200)

If you join today, you also get these BONUSES. There are 3 bonuses at no cost.

The first bonus is the "FLUSHer". It's a 7-minute routine (involves no weights) that effectively "flushes" out toxins from the excess stored fat causing inflammation, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more fat storage. Your body will keep "flushing" the toxins for 24-48 hours after you're done! This is important for health and better body.

The second bonus is AfterBURN ABS. It's a 5-minute routine unlike anything you've ever done -- in a good way.  Most ab exercises cause back pain. Not with AfterBURN ABS.  These make your back pain better! -- and flatter! Nice, right?!

The third bonus is RAPID RECOVERY.  It helps to reduce soreness, prevent injury, and speed the recovery so you can feel good by next workout. This is a proprietary routine James Ko uses with top athletes in the country, -- but you don't have to pay top dollar to get it -- You get it absolutely free with the program!



You Get 21 Days of expert instruction online on how to use ko's 4 step formula to:  1) reset your body's mitochondria, 2) boost metabolism, 3) stop chronic inflammation, aches and pains and, 4) Turn ON Your Fat Burning Gates and start seeing results at last.  You won't pay the customary $4,000 price tag for this program since it's all done online. But you will get the entire instruction and guidance from James Ko himself for just 3 payments of $120.  You can also add a buddy for just $79.  Download the Calendar here.

Price includes all lessons and materials for free.

If you miss a Q&A Session, just submit a request to us for the recording.

Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee*

If you give it a fair try by doing the exercises, eating the foods, and doing the biohacks, but you don't get results, we will work with you until you do.  But if you are not happy, I don't want you to pay one dime.  But we must protect our proprietary information so you must sign  a "Non-Utilization Agreement" before any refund is issued.

Get 3 Big Bonuses When Joining Today!

Just like most things in life, "timing" is everything. And right now, you are in the right place at the right time.

When you join today, you get:

  • The "AfterBurn Flush" that Boosts Immune System, Mental Clarity, Sexual Performance & Energy
  • "AfterBurn Abs" - the 5minute Ab Routine That Flattens the Midsection/Waist and Builds a Strong Core Like None Other
  • "Rapid Recovery" that Speeds Recovery, Prevents Injuries, and Relieves Soreness. The Exact Sequence James Ko Uses With Elite Athletes!

Meet Your Instructor

James Ko, PT, CMC - Sports Physical Therapist, Certified Metabolic Coach, Over 50 Dad

"It's not easy to get and stay healthy today. There are companies who don't want us healthy"

It's sad but it's true.



Some companies profit when we eat more, buy more, get addicted and get sick.

They use unfair psychology, chemicals (or try to sell us harmful drugs)...

  It's an unfair fight. 


Unless you know how to reset and renew your insides and internal systems (microbiome, organs and hormones), the cravings are too much to handle for even those who are strong and disciplined.

Even I, as a former blackbelt in martial arts, fell prey to the addictive compounds and spiraled out of control. Learn more here >>>

But luckily, with my medical background, I did a lot of research, testing, and hard work -- and with God's grace -- I was able to overcome the addictions and renew my body and mind.  

And that's how the 21Day Metabolic Reset was born.

With it,... you can do the same.

Normally, this type of program would only be available to elite athletes costing upwards of $10,000 to $30k.

But I believe "health" is a necessity today and should be a right available to anyone and everyone regardless of socio-economic or educational status.

With your help, and by using digital and virtual methods, we can make it available to all.

James Ko, PT, Founder of MFM and 21Day

About James Ko

James Ko, Nutrition & Performance Specialist, Fat & BMI Scientist, Sports Physical Therapist & Over 50 Dad

As a research geek and scientist, James couldn't sit idly by watching false information fly across the internet. "Why is everyone being told to cut calories when it's an internal system issue for 91% of adults (and 69% of kids)Why is long cardio being suggested to everyone when it trains the body to store more fat, degrades joints, and isn't sustainable?"

So, James created the "21-Day Metabolic Reset Program" that laser-targets the root cause of inflammation and stored-fat and delivers fast results. For more than 20 years, he's helped patients, CEO's, postpartum moms, athletes, kids (people of all walks of life) quickly and safely get healthy, energized, tone, and lean.

His mission is to shake-up the medical/health/fitness industry by offering groundbreaking programs that deliver superior results. But more importantly, the step-by-step to turning it into a lifestyle (otherwise, what's it all for?).  You can learn more about James Ko in his social profiles.


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How long are the workouts?

As short as 7 minutes up to 21-minutes. They're super short because we're gonna workout smarter, not longer.

Do you show us what to eat?

Yes. The workouts alone will get you results but when combined with the 5-Foods to add to your daily routine, you get results fast. And we want this to become a lifestyle for you. The eating method is important to make that happen.

Is this program online?

Yes. It's all online. It's delivered through email, videos, and other digital formats.  Each day you will receive an email with instructions and lessons. You will have the end of each week to complete all lessons. If you want to go at your own pace, you will be given the option to purchase the Online Locker Room where all videos, lessons and resources are organized for your reference at anytime.

Am I too out of shape to do this program?

If you can get up and down out of a chair, you can do the workouts.  There are modified movements sitting in a chair, or using counter/furniture support.  If you have multiple medical conditions, you need to consult with your healthcare provider before doing this program.

I already workout regularly, will this program be too easy for me?

It will not be too easy for you.  We have professional athletes who do the advanced workouts, and they find them more challenging than there routines. There are advanced level workouts.

I have back problems, can I do this?

Yes. We have a special module for those with back problems. If you recently had surgery, or will soon have surgery, consult with your surgeon prior to doing this program.

I have knee problems, can I do this?

Yes. We have a special modifications for those with knee problems. If you recently had surgery, or will soon have surgery, consult with your surgeon prior to doing this program.

I'm very obese, can I still do this?

Yes. If you can get up and down out of a chair, you can do this program. We have a special modifications for those morbidly obese. If you recently had surgery, or will soon have surgery, consult with your doctor prior to doing this program.

Am I too old to do these workouts?

If you can get up and down out of a chair, you can do this program. If you have multiple medical conditions, recently had surgery, or will soon have surgery, consult with your doctor prior to doing this program.

I don't have a lot of fat, will this be beneficial for me?

Yes. This program is about health and optimizing internal systems. Fat is merely a symptom of something else. If you are having gut, arthritis, skin, headaches or other issues, you will benefit from this program.

I like running/yoga/etc. can I do these workouts, too?

Yes. It's a good adjunct to other exercises/workouts. They're short. This program is about health and optimizing internal systems.  If you are having gut, arthritis, skin, headaches or other issues, you will benefit from this program.

What ages are good for this?

It's good for adults of all ages but also kids. 69% of kids are overfat in the US. Kids over the age of 6 can do this program.

Is this good for women?

Yes. It's designed for women having hormone, thyroid, and other internal system issues. There are workouts specifically for women and men.

Is this good for men?

Yes. It's designed for men with belly, visceral fat (fat surrounding organs), testosterone, thyroid and other internal system issues. There are workouts specifically for men and women separately.

Is this good for kids?

Yes. Kids with excess fat, and other internal system issues, will benefit greatly. There are workouts specifically for kids.

I have high blood pressure, can I do these workouts?

Yes. It's designed to optimize internal systems (hormones, thyroid, cardiovascular, metabolism, etc.) for the very purpose of improving blood pressure, heart, lung, liver and other issues. There are workouts specifically for blood pressure issues.

"Ko's 21-Day Online Metabolic Reset Program"

Achieve Optimal Health, Energy & Toned, Lean Physique

You'll Learn How One Secret Formula Using Just 5-Foods And 5-Movements (PLUS One Special BioHack)  Can RESET The Body's Mitochondria, Boost Metabolism And Stop Chronic Inflammation.  It's The Movement, Sequence And Programming That Deliver Results. The Student Enjoys Burning More Calories, All Day Long. Leading To Fat Loss, More Energy And Superior Health. What's Also Nice Is That It Replaces Long Boring Cardio, Expensive Diet Plans & Packaged Meals, And Gym Memberships!

One-Time Ticket Price to the Event, Gets You Access to The "21-Day Metabolic Reset Program" delivered via email, video and other digital formats. Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

One-Time Ticket Price and get all lesson and materials for free.

If you miss a Q&A Session, just submit a request to us for the recording.

Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee

DISCLAIMER:  We’ve taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent this program and it’s potential to help you. However, we do not guarantee you will get immediate results, if any at all. To get results, you must put forth effort and stay consistent with the program. If you do nothing, you will get nothing in return. This is not a miracle cure or program and by law we cannot guarantee that you will achieve any results by signing up for the program. If you have any medical condition, please let us know before doing the movements/exercises. This information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Your level of success in attaining results is dependent upon a number of factors. Most specifically your efforts, discipline and commitment. But also your knowledge, ability, focus, goals, physical or medical condition. Because these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee the exact success or results others have achieved. You alone are responsible for your actions and results. Our only guarantee is that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of the program. If you are not satisfied you can have a full refund.


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