Why Resetting Your Metabolism is The Absolute BEST Way to Shrink Waist, Stop Joint Pain and lose unwanted pounds


It's Easier

When you work smarter, you don't have to work as hard. And for people over 35, when you work too hard, your body often resists and works against you leading to frustration. When you learn what to do, how much, and when, you get results.


It's Faster

You get to where you're going much faster when you make less mistakes.  It's kinda like GPS, we tell you exactly where to go and when to turn so you don't get lost.  Most people get lost and quit. But that won't happen to you with our help and support.


It Lasts Longer

This is not a temporary band aid to your situation and condition. The program is designed to be sustainable so you can enjoy the results for years to come.  Our 4-Step Formula is simple enough to make it a lifestyle.

Here's why others love Resetting their metabolism...

(These members continued on with our program after the 21Day was over for even more results...)

Laura Berrera, 41

"Amazing coaching from Amanda and James! It's the best way to get healthy and stronger all while learning proper form and nutrition. I have finally found my fitness family!"

Dwayne Hardy, 43

"My weight has gone down by nearly 30 pounds, cholesterol by 30 points, trigycerides by 50% in less than 2-months...and I haven't even been doing the program perfectly."

Barb Bratton, 58

"I have joined gyms, taken exercise classes, only to quit after a couple of sessions. I have never been more excited about working out!! I actually look forward to it. Amanda, Kelsey and Jimmy are awesome at keeping you motivated. I am already getting stronger everyday and have so much energy!"

Glenn, 61

"I lost 5 inches off my waist, 8% body fat, 27 pounds and completely got off of blood pressure medication!"

But the biggest thing for me is, I can now sit up straight, touch my toes and I'm feeling good about myself."


Want to learn how you can do it, too?