Your Week 2 Workout Instruction

And how to avoid a big mistake many people make

The Mistake

In order to develop a habit, there must be repetition. And in order to grow lean muscle (the only thing that boosts metabolism), you must have repetition. You must work the same muscles for at least 21 days. That's the magic number. 

 It's best to do the same routine for 3-4 weeks before changing it up. 

If you don't do this, you'll never reach the higher "Adaptation Phase". You won't get the full benefits or muscle memory.

 So that's what we're going to do but we're going to amp it up a little and make it more challenging!

 Remember, "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."

We're doing the same movements but just adding a little something special ;) Watch video to learn more.

Do Workout Now

This is what your workout week 2 should look like...

  •  Stoop Squats - (8-10 reps) 
  •  Squat Rows - (8-10 reps) 
  •  Wide Stance Thrusts - 30 seconds 
  •  Lunge Rows - (8-10 reps, both sides) 
  •  Jumping Jacks - 30 reps 

 Do 3-4 rounds only since we're upping the repetitions and intensity.

Keep up the good work!