Welcome To Start Day of The "One Muscle" Class!

We're going to jump Straight in! Today, we start with a quick maneuver that determines the state of your nervous system. This maneuver helps to "reset" and calm your nervous system, (and lower cortisol) whereby allowing your body to release visceral fat.

Watch video to get started.

*Do NOT do if you've had neck surgery.

James Ko, Certified Metabolic Coach, Sports Physical Therapist, Over 50 Dad    

How was your response? (And What It Means)

If you feel any of the below symptoms, it means you need this and will benefit greatly.

- Uncomfortable to do.

- Feel stiff or slight pain.

- Feel relaxed, tired or calm afterwards

FAQ:  Why do I feel this way?

  • ANS:   This maneuver relaxes a set of muscles that shorten and get tense after prolonged anxiety/cortisol. When cortisol levels normalize, your body gets calm and relaxed, and you become the real you.

Why this is important

Many people think they can't lose weight because they've tried and failed so many times, or their parents were overweight so think it's in their genes. Or think they don't have time because they think it takes a lot of time.  But none of that is true.  If you do these small things on a consistent daily basis, the benefits compound over time.  You effectively develop a healthy habit and create a lifestyle of health. You see results and get to keep it for life.  when you do things that aren't sustainable (like crash dieting or drugs), they don't deliver results that last. And even if you do lose some weight, you end up losing water and muscle weight... not good.

Technical Explanation (How it works)

Your body holds all the tension that's generated from the stress of every day life.  It can overload when we have too much stress or anxiety without the release.  It worsens when we move less and get weak (or under-exercise). When our body gets too tense, it causes a malfunctioning circuitry. In other words, our nervous system gets dysregulated. When our nervous system gets dysregulated, we technically go into what's called "Survival Mode".  During this state, our body attempts to "save" and store fat. It doesn't allow fat to release or burn. It's a survival mechanism.  But it hurts our attempts at losing unwanted fat.

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