How This "Cash System In-a-Box" Can Get You Passive Income (No matter how busy you are)

The Local License to Sell is designed to make it easy for PT/OT clinic owners to increase cash sales, cash revenue, and cash profits by selling the ultimate cash program available today.  It helps them stand out in their community.  The Metabolic "Cash System In-A-Box" delivers results.  It's safe for any age (or condition), and effectively targets chronic inflammation to make it easier to achieve a tone, lean and energized body.  This program creates "buzz" and can boost physician and "word-of-mouth" referrals so that you can avoid costly advertising expenses.  See how (and why) it works so you can start seeing greater profits faster than you ever thought possible.

*Geographic exclusivity applies.

James Ko, Nutrition & Performance Specialist,
Fat & BMI Scientist, Sports Physical Therapist
& Over 50 Dad

Free Yourself From The 9 to 5 (40hour) Work Week

Earn Smarter, Not Work Harder. The Local License helps busy PT/OT Clinic Owners gain an advantage in passive income earning power.

Stand Out & Create Excitement

It creates "buzz" and helps you stand out from the crowd of saturated physical therapy clinics. It creates excitement and bridges more people into your clinic.

Get ahead - Leverage The internet for Passive $$$

It sells 24/7, 365.  You make money in your sleep, while traveling,... all the time! If you scale it, you can retire early.

the Best Way To Boost Your Income is To Make Cash Sales When NOT Working

James Ko, Certified Metabolic Coach, Health & Nutrition Specialist, Sports Physical Therapist & Over 50 Dad

Everyone knows you can't get off the hamster wheel by relying solely on insurance patients.

But did you know there are two ways a "Cash Program" can make you money?

1. Your Cash Program requires someone 1-to-1  from the hours of 9 to 5pm (eg. massage, performance enhancement, stretching, etc.)


2. Your Cash Program does NOT requiring anyone and sells 24/7/365.  This way you keep most of the money, gives you time freedom, and can easily be scaled.  This is the best way to boost income.

This Local License is designed to make you cash sales week after week with no limits...

...so that you can work less, make more, and retire whenever you choose.

This is the best way boost income quickly.

Here's How ONE Sale Can Increase Your Income

The local license is designed to boost income quickly

When you sell something that doesn't have much expense, you make more.

For instance, when you treat a patient for $80 but have to pay the therapist, assistant, aide, biller, receptionist, etc... you're only left with a small amount--and that's not even including rent, right?!
(there are a lot of expenses).

But when you get a sale from the Metabolic Reset Program, there's hardly any expense plus no one's required to be there so, you keep most of the money!


Just get one signup a day to hit over $54,000 per year (this is a conservative projection).  Two per day equals $108k/yr, and three per day equals $162k/yr.

The market pool is 90% of your community.  If you do the math, you'll see that one sale per day is a no-brainer.

*The upsells and Annual membership programs make it easy to surpass this amount.

The right cash program is the key for PT/OT's to achieve higher cash sales, income and cash profits today.

This is what you get once you grab your license...

One sale per day = $54k/yr.  Two=$108k/yr.  Three=$162k/yr.

This is How It Works, and What You Get:

  • Unlimited Income Week After Week
  • Stand Out & Create Excitement
  • Gain Recurring Cash Income For Life


You Get a License to Sell The Metabolic Reset System As Yours (And Keep All the Profit)

The Metabolic Reset System is a do it yourself at home online course utilizing the most current science-based discoveries and our proprietary 4 part formula.  You get a license to sell it as yours.  Geographic exclusivity applies so it's first come, first serve.

*Monthly royalties are currently waived.

VALUE:  $10,000


We Do all the "techy" work + Setup All The Automations

You get an instant Online Business without any of the hassles, costs or headaches! We save you a ton of time and money.  We setup the shopping cart, payment gateway, set the best prices for your region, and automated emails, and more.  It's automated so it's easy to do while running a clinic. And ONE staff member can easily manage the entire thing for you!  Listen, there are people with far less qualifications and education than you selling courses on how to garden, bake, swing a bat, sell insurance, make a rocking chair, and they're making millions. Not just one million but multiple millions.

There's no reason why you can't join the ranks of millionaires today. It's never been easier. The only thing stopping you is 1) not leveraging the internet, 2) not having an automated online system, 3) not having a strong partner by your side.  

VALUE:  $10,000


We Take Your Students Through The Program and Ensure They Get RESULTS

You don't have to lift a finger but we want you to be proud of the program as yours.  It helps you stand out in your community.

Our system delivers results.  Consumers don't want to spend hours learning; they want results quickly.  Outcomes based courses sell 10-20x better. Creating an Outcomes based course requires a framework and format that is geared to the psychology of the student.  Sounds complicated, right?!  The great news is we've already figured that out, and you get the benefit right away.

VALUE:  $5000


We Give You The Tools & Help You Sell

The goal is to have your "Cash Machine" making limitless income week after week -- 24/7/365

We provide all the tools and step-by-step instructions so you get sales immediately!  Sell it to your past and current patients because they'll want it straight away (and love you for it).  We then show you how to sell directly to your entire community.  We give you copy/paste scripts to better convert those who inquire. Whether it's an email or messenger inquiry, you want to convert everyone that inquires about the course or program. We help make that easy by giving you scripts you can copy/paste or say over the phone.  There's no objection too great. We make it easy for you and your team to sell (without sleazy selling).

VALUE:  $9,000


Your Students Get An Instant Community!

Students want to interact with others who are going through the same struggles, to be uplifted, share stories, challenges and triumphs. It's important to them.

You don't have to do the work of creating and managing a private community yourself (it can take a lot of time). Your students will get instant access to our national community.  Students highly value peer-to-peer interaction and by joining ko's team, you get it instantly.

VALUE:  $8,000


We're Only a Text Away

You'll never feel alone.  Ko and his team become your team; we're available for support via text, email and messenger.

Anything you need, just message us and we'll do our best to deliver.  We'll be right there with you to help boost your cash sales.

VALUE: (Invaluable!)


You Keep Making Money For Life

For a limited time, you get all updates and upgrades for free* when joining today.

*Soon there will be a Fee for updates and upgrades.

We'll always be improving and staying ahead of the times. Our programs will continue evolving and as we do you get the updates and upgrades absolutely free when joining today.  In the future, there will be an annual due.  Our goal is for you to make limitless income week after week for years into the future!

VALUE:  $9,000


Get Invited To Our Annual Retreat & Party

Every year we meet at a prime destination spot to celebrate!

We bring in the top health, fitness & wellness experts in the world and best Dj's to create an atmosphere of healing, fun and excitement.  And you are invited to join along with 4 certified staff. (rules are subject to change).

VALUE:  (Invaluable!)

TOTAL VALUE:  $97,000


 Get Your LOCAL LICENSE TO SELL & Ready-Made "Cash System In-a-Box"

Soon to be $10,997 but right now you get it for one payment of just


(Plus Annual Dues of $2997   $497)

This is a One-Time Payment for a LIFETIME License.  It locks in your region so no one else can sell it but you, and includes all the tools and instruction for success.  For a limited time, this license includes all updates & upgrades for life.

Your Order is Secured and Guaranteed

The Local License To Sell guarantees your right to sell the Metabolic Reset System exclusively in your community.  No one but you can sell it.  You can sell it to your past and present patients, family and friends, and community at large.  It can be streamed from any mobile device, phone, computer, tablet, smart T.V. or laptop.  As soon as you make your purchase, we start installing the system for you to sell. (*please allow 30-60 days for completion).

This is a license to sell exclusively in your region.

You are fully protected by our 120-Day, 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing cash system, you can get a full refund anytime within 120 days after your purchase. That's how confident we are in the quality of this system.  If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

These Are The Bonuses You Get When Signing Up Today


When you join today

Zero Monthly Royalties!

VALUE:  30 to 50%


When you join today

Huge Discount Off Annual Dues!

VALUE:  $2,997

Frequently asked questions

DO I HAVE TO do anything?

  • During the Initial Setup, we'll need you to be involved in the setup of the shopping cart and online payment systems so sales can go directly into your bank. We will also need access to your website.

What if you make changes to the course?

  • We will definitely be making updates and upgrades to our courses and programs. We want to stay ahead of the curve and be current and innovative. By joining today, you get the updates and upgrades absolutely free. This is a limited time offer soon to be changed.

How long will it take for sales to come rolling in?

  • First sale will come in before the first 30 days of signing up.

How do you HELP ME promote the program?

  • We give you promotional articles, videos and social media posts related to this topic.  When people interact with it, they'll be given the chance to learn about your course. This is the best "non-sleazy" way to sell. We also teach you how to place ads for greater sales.


  • Yes, we do.  The best options are through content based ads, youtube, google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. We show you how to use "Prospect Paid Acquisition" to advertise. Meaning, you will sell a small piece of this solution before offering the full course. This helps to offset the cost of advertising so it's essentially free to you. You end up with more sales without paying for advertising.

What if people don't buy it?

  • That's highly unlikely if you follow our instructions.  People are already buying it now. It's a proven system.  The question is how many each week. If you put in an honest effort but don't get sales, I'll give you your money back.  It only takes one sale a day for you to hit the $100,000 mark. And with our promotion, marketing and advertising strategies, your goal will soon be higher.

What if I don't like the program?

  • You're fully secured by our 120-day "Get Results or Your Money Back Guarantee". If you are not fully blown away at the quality of the program and the results you get, simple talk to us and let us know. We will rectify it in a manner you love, or you get a prompt refund. We guarantee you'll love the results and the program.

The best (& easiest) way for busy clinic owners to boost income (& retire early) is to sell a highly popular, Results-Driven online course as yours before your competition does.

Don't try and reinvent the wheel. That could take years before you see any increase in real income.  Let us set it up for you.  We do all the work.  We will setup the "Motivators", "Rewards", and Auto-Engagement features. And we'll help you promote it, advertise it, and sell it!

That way you can enjoy your life more... You deserve it.

  • This is a unique opportunity.  If you are seeing this, it means that James Ko authorized you to see it.  Not everyone is given this offer 

Ko's On A Mission To Help PT/|OT Get Their Payback

We've been screwed over for way too long:  by insurance companies, PT Board, physicians, medicare, and patients themselves.

It's our time...

This opportunity is designed and optimized for PT/OT's who do not have the time, technical or marketing skills to create and launch an online course on their own. This program enables busy PT/OT's to reap the rewards of having an online course that SELLS;  One you're proud of.  And delivers results, and eliminates legal liability.

You can be taking advantage of the internet and selling online faster than you ever thought possible.

 -- James Ko, PT 

Who Is James Ko?

What PT/OT's are saying about The Metabolic Reset Program


What Past Clients Are Saying...

"Passed the $1,000,000 mark our second year!

Your coaching and guidance is always a step ahead of it's time. Thank you!

Charles Mills, PT (MidCounty PT)

"No single person or entity has helped me grow as a professional more than James Ko!

With his mentorship, we have grown our business exponentially."

Tim Burnell, PT (Back In Motion PT)

"Hands down one of the best decisions I ever made...

James moves with change and you can swim right along behind him. 

Mindy Murray, OTR (KIT Therapy)

"My income grew over 300% in less than a year.

I'm thankful for him every day.

Lilly Bojic, DPT (Lilly PT)

About James Ko

James Ko, Nutrition & Performance Specialist, Fat & BMI Scientist, Sports Physical Therapist & Over 50 Dad

As a research geek and scientist, James couldn't sit idly by watching false information fly across the internet. "Why is everyone being told to cut calories when it's an internal system issue for 91% of adults (and 69% of kids)Why is long cardio being suggested to everyone when it trains the body to store more fat, degrades joints, and isn't sustainable?"

So, James created the "21-Day Metabolic Reset Course" & System that laser-targets the root cause of inflammation and stored-fat and delivers fast results. For more than 20 years, he's helped patients, CEO's, postpartum moms, athletes, kids (people of all walks of life) quickly and safely get healthy, tone, lean and strong.

His mission is to shake-up the health/fitness industry by offering groundbreaking programs that deliver superior results. But more importantly, the step-by-step to turning it into a lifestyle (otherwise, what's it all for?).  You can learn more about James Ko in his social profiles.

This is not a risky expense... but a solid investment.

James Ko has been doing this a very long time (over 20 years).  The return is incomparable to anything else you might do. Better than stocks. Better than real estate.  Year after year, your income will grow like a seed that takes root and flourishes. It's an investment in yourself.  A small investment in yourself is all it takes but you must understand that this is a unique opportunity. To create something that doesn't require much time, energy, or effort -- that's hard to come by.  It can only be accomplished using the internet, with an evergreen, high sales potential machine, that attracts a lot of buyers, endless, with a vehicle that automates most of the work, with our framework and partnership.

In recap, Here's why You NEED To Do this...

Free Yourself From The 9 to 5 (40hour) Work Week

Earn Smarter, Not Work Harder. The Local License helps busy PT/OT Clinic Owners gain an advantage in passive income earning power.

Stand Out & Create Excitement

It creates "buzz" and helps you stand out from the crowd of saturated physical therapy clinics. It creates excitement and bridges more people into your clinic.

Get ahead - Leverage The internet for Passive $$$

It sells 24/7, 365.  You make money in your sleep, while traveling,... all the time! If you scale it, you can retire early.

Are you ready to invest in yourself, your family and loved ones?

Do you want a brighter future?

You spent a lot of money for your education.  You invested a lot to build your own business. You know more, care more -- and there's nothing more powerful than that to helping others. That's why we're offering this to you.  We want to help get you out to the world so they can see your light and benefit from all your years of experience, expertise, and exceptional knowledge you have.

You are worth it.

People need help. You now have a solution to help the masses. You can help a lot more people.

You may have had great ideas before. You may have tried before and it didn't work out. That doesn't mean you don' have what it takes. You do.  With us, you will succeed!

Once you succeed, we know you'll give back to your community. You'll create more ways to help more people.

How's It Compare to Other Options for PT/OT's?

How do you prefer to make extra income?

*You may want to wean out of treating at some point to scale this program :)

Rather than spending 40-60 hours per week treating and running your clinic, you can assign an assistant to help run it and 2x or 3x your current income -- without the headache!

Let your staff treat so that you can focus on building your wealth!

Make limitless income, week after week

If you focus on building personal wealth, you can out-earn your entire clinic income.  Once the money from this starts coming in, let staff treat and do all the work and run it. Start focusing on your own personal wealth and health.


  • No more schedule, appts, and clocking in/out
  • Making $1000 per hour (instead of $45/hr)
  • It's your time. On your time.
  • You can work from home or anywhere!
  • Exercise, workout, get healthy
  • Family time whenever you want
  • Friends time (and make more friends)
  • Pick up new hobbies,
  • Play an instrument
  • Read more
  • Travel (at will)
  • Seek adventure
  • Build romance
  • Play a sport
  • Golf
  • Coach your kids team
  • and so much more

Do You Want More Time For Family, Friends, Travel Romance, Adventure & Yourself?

We offer this program because we know your plate is full. You're busy. You're running a clinic. This program is designed for you. We do the work; apply ko's formula; promote; advertise*;  and sell it for you.

*Income can compound over time with consistent advertising and promotions.

The Real Numbers

Time It Takes To Get First Sale

Once we set it up, you're on your way!

How Much You Can Make

These are conservative estimates and determined by region.


You can have an assistant do all the work for you.  Or you can do while traveling or vacationing...

"My First Online Course Back In 1999 Made Over $100,000 It's First Year And Sparked The Beginning of IndeFree"

Click to play

If it weren't for my first online course, there wouldn't be an Indefree.

It's the easiest way for PT/OT Clinic Owners to attain wealth.


Leveraging the internet with an online product or service is the easiest way for busy PT/OT's to create passive income and shortcut to wealth.  But the barrier to entry for most is the amount of work that goes into creating, testing, refining, marketing, promoting and advertising an online course (not to mention the complicated techy work).  That's why this program is here. We make it easy.  We give you the course, set it up on our software, teach you how to promote and advertise it.  This is a true "Cash System In-a-Box".   The course and program is proven and consumers absolutely love it.  You will communicate with James and his team via text, email, phone and zoom. They will teach you how to sell to your past and current patients, and community at large directly.  They will be available to you or assistant for any questions you might receive during sales.  Joining the National Network with ko is a limited-time offer that helps PT/OT professionals achieve higher income through a profitable online course. It's designed and optimized for PT/OT clinic owners who are busy.  It can boost doctor referrals, and help you standout in your community. But most of all, it can speed your March to Freedom.  It maximizes sales and minimizes legal liability. The Metabolic Reset System is a proprietary system created by James Ko, PT (a physical therapist). This is an Exclusive License with significant discounts and rewards (for a limited time)!  You get to keep the entire finished product (the course, promo, ads, everything) for life and continue using it to build greater wealth for yourself into the future.  **We can only have one facility per city so geographic exclusivity applies.

(Price increasing soon)

We’ve taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent this program and it’s potential to help you. To get results, you must put forth effort and stay consistent with the promotions and advertising. If you do nothing, you will get nothing in return. This is not a get rich quick scheme and by law we cannot guarantee that you will achieve any results by signing up for the program. Your level of success in attaining results is dependent upon a number of factors Most specifically your efforts, discipline and commitment. But also your knowledge, ability, focus, goals, and physical condition.  Because these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee the exact success or results others have achieved. You alone are responsible for your actions and results. Our only guarantee is that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of the program.  If you are not satisfied you can have a full refund.