"My Go-To Meal For the Past 40 Years"

  Why do this?  

It takes just 5 minutes to make. Requires 4 ordinary ingredients you can get at any grocery store. Loaded with protein, omegas and stimulates butyrate production in the colon.  All for less than 99 cents per serving!


Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Today's Checklist

Do Your Moves:  
"Standing Workout: 50-25"

(White/Blue Level: 16min)

Movement = Life.  Tone & Build your muscles and increase longevity and quality of life.  Do your moves same time each day.  Pick your quiet space. Pick your music. Move!

Caution: Stop if you see black dots, feel faint, dizzy, nausea, or sharp pain.

Post Your Check-In

Tell me what you think about the dish suggestion and what your "Eating Window" is (eg. 12noon to 8pm, etc.)

Studies show that the more you check-in, engage and interact with the community, the better you will do in the program and get more results.

Pick Your "Eating Window"

The more you put something in your mouth, the less sensitive your insulin hormone gets. And can lead to diabetes.  Creating your own personal "Eating Window" helps to take control of your eating.  If just starting out, try 10am to 8pm. That gives you a 10-hour window.  If you can work your way to. 12pm to 8pm; an 8 hour window. And so forth...

Tell me what your window will be :)

Check-In for today's session below by telling me what your eating window will be for the next 90 days.  You can always change it later :)

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