BIOHACK:  FootBoard

"Stop heart Attack Risk & Burn Fat Easier By Using an ancient footboard Just 3-minutes per day (no exercise Involved)"

An increase in heart attacks amongst women and young people are causing concern in our country.  The good news is, we know what's causing it--decreased circulation and stagnation of lymph fluid in the lower leg. And there is a simple maneuver that may help improve your chances of developing problems.

In this session learn:

  1. How to use an ancient footboard apparatus to improve heart strength and boost your metabolism in as little as 10 days.
  2. How it awakens an important nerve that is responsible for circulation
  3. How it boosts metabolism making it easier to burn fat

  Why do this?  

Heart attacks, falls and obesity is on the rise, and it's all due to decreased circulation in the lower leg. This simple maneuver can help you improve circulation that brings many health benefits. 


If you have any pain, redness or heat in the calf, do NOT do this maneuver and see your doctor immediately.

Today's Checklist

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"Standing Workout: 50-15"

(Blue Level: 16min)

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Caution: Stop if you see black dots, feel faint, dizzy, nausea, or sharp pain.

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