Ko's Inner Circle - Episode2

The 3 Best Movements For Lower Back Pain

And How Does The Freedom Affiliate Program work?

What's in the video?

  1. Common causes of lower back pain and Why It worsens during the holidays
  2. How treating it purely as a mechanical/structural issue is the reason why it's persisting
  3. The 3 best movements that can fix back pain for good (when done consistently)
  4. The ONE muscle that is the catalyst for back pain (and Growing waistline) and how to reset it
  5. The true story behind how I stumbled upon this discovery
  6. What are "Metabolic Boosting Muscles" that I should focus on to burn fat
  7. The #1 way your body eliminates toxins (and it's not pooping and peeing)
  8. The 2 things required to avoid depression, moodiness and suicidal thoughts