How to eat, heal & Be Vibrant!

Learn HOW To Become The Most Authentic Version of Yourself by eating foods that heal, energize and bring out your inner beauty.  You are beautiful...but if your digestive system is not healthy you won't feel it. Start feeling vibrant today!

The changes you Learn from the event will be felt immediately.  You won't have to wait weeks or months to experience the benefits. This training is Designed only for those Wanting to renew their mind, body and soul through the corrective actions of healing their digestive system

What you're gonna walk away with after this Exciting 45-min Live online event

OCTOBER 31 (TUE), 2023
1:00PM EST (12PM CST)

  1. 1
    An Easy 5-Step Plan on how to eat in a way that brings out your inner beauty, confidence and shine.  Most American adults and kids eat in a way that causes hormone imbalance, energy crashes, ADHD and brain-fog.  Don't let it happen to you.  Learn how to fix your eating habits. If not for you, at least for your kids and family.
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    3 Meals You Can Prepare In Less than 30-Minutes that your family will absolutely love (and make them more vibrant)!
  3. 3
    How to save over $200 to $800 per month in grocery bills yet have a much better life!

You're also going to learn the 5 most common deficiencies in most Americans, the top 7 foods touted as healthy but NOT, and the best foods that burn fat in your sleep (I know, it's hard to believe but it's true).


Learn a 3-minute movement that turns OFF your "Tension/Anxiety" switch.  Most Americans are under chronic stress and anxiety and don't even know it. It leads to hypertoxicity, acidity and rapid aging.  This move is scientifically proven to help you get into a "Flow State" where you can calm and rejuvenate within minutes!

Why attend?

There's a lot of fake information out there. It's hard to know what is true and what's not.  Much is not science based.  If your digestive system is not healthy, even exercise won't help.  Also, if you do nothing, nothing will change-- and the path of least resistance is UNhealth.  Here are the facts...

Percentage of adults who are overfat according to The national Institute of Health
Percentage of Kids who are overfat according to The national Institute of Health

the Percentage of your health determined by lifestyle (and Not genetics)


Get secrets you won't find anywhere else.

I'm a total research geek. It's all I do, and you can benefit from my hard work. Don't get me wrong, this is not all from just books and research.  I know what it's like to have a broken digestive system (see pick below). But I also know what it takes to heal from it to make myself more vibrant. I reveal the secret steps to you in this live online event.

About the instructor

James Ko knows what it's like to be overweight, unhealthy, stressed and overwhelmed.  It wasn't long ago that he nearly had a heart attack due to self-neglect and chronically high cortisol that ruined his digestive system.

What's ironic is he worked with athletes at that time helping them improve their performance, health and agility all the while his own body was breaking down and degenerating.

The great news is he was able to turn it around and is now helping others discover a new lease on life as well.

As a research geek and scientist, James couldn't sit idly by watching false information fly across the internet. So, James provides breakthrough tips and secrets that laser-targets the healing of the gut.  For over 23 years, he's helped patients, CEO's, postpartum moms, athletes, kids (people of all walks of life) quickly and safely get healthy, energized, tone, and lean.

His mission is to shake-up the medical, health and fitness industries by offering groundbreaking programs that deliver superior results. But more importantly, the step-by-step to turning it into a lifestyle (otherwise, what's it all for?).  You can learn more about James Ko in his social profiles.

James Ko is a Nutrition & Performance Specialist, Sports Physical Therapist, Fat & BMI Scientist & Over 50 Dad.

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Imagine being your most beautiful and energetic self...

Walk with confidence, have pep in your step!  What could you do with your life? What abundance and adventure will you have?