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What Makes This ONE Online Course So special?  What Kind of results are consumers getting?

I'm down 50 pounds!

Rhonda, 63 - Metabolic syndrome, sciatica, back & knee problem

It was hard to do anything.

I work on the 3rd floor of a building. Three flights of stairs should be nothing but it was for me. When I started putting on the weight I noticed, “Ohh, these three flights of stairs is getting harder.”

I was feeling down and I knew...

 I gotta do something or this is going to take me over.

I’ve tried multiple yoga studios. I had joined the big gyms but didn’t last at those; I found them intimidating and harsh. I’ve always ridden bicycles and was still doing that but it wasn’t enough.

I still just kept putting on the weight.

Everything I tried on my own, I couldn’t see results.

Then I stumbled across your Facebook page.
I was looking for awhile. I had done yoga for years on and off. And I looked at Pilates because it looked like something that would work. 

But when I saw that you guys had an expertise with this Multifunctional Movement and what you did with that, I thought to myself,

“This is where I need to be.”

I had some back problems, knee problems, osteopenia, the shoulders, the sciatic pain, the knee pain.

I am Rhonda.

I am 63 years old.

As of this morning, I am down 50 pounds from when I first started this— I know, right!

I feel 10 years younger!

It works.

If you follow the program, it works. You're worth it. There's hope.

Glenn, 61yo
Metabolic Syndrome, HBP, Back & Knee Pain, Hypothyroid

He was weighing close to 230 pounds. It was hard for him to get up in the morning and even sit up straight.

Clarissa, 40yo
Metabolic Syndrome

Over the past 10 years, she tried everything. From bootcamps (like Camp Gladiator), to dieting, cutting calories, to meal plans, but nothing worked making her upset and thinking she had to live with it.

Maritza, 43yo
Metabolic Syndrome, Hypothyroid

Thyroid meds caused pain, memory loss and constantly made her cry.

Nick didn't believe he could ever be fit or healthy again.

He had a stressful job, two young kids, and was now weighing nearly 300 pounds.

And on top of that, he just turned 40!

He was picked on all his life for being overweight as a kid--(it was in his genes he thought). 

I mean, he tried bootcamps. He tried diets...

He tried it all...but nothing worked.

He was believing it was in his DNA -- it was just his destiny.

But something deep down told him,

"Be a better role model for your kids."

"Be confident."

"Don't  accept where you are."

"Be brave and design your own destiny."

"Go after what you want!"

So he did.

He started the Metabolic Reset program.

And this is what happened...


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