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Important:  Now let's get ready for Start Day!


Step 1.

Check your email inbox 

Mark the email we just sent you as important so you don't miss any of our emails. Check your promotion/spam folder if you don't see it.  This is very important.  Unless you purchased the "Lifetime Module & Members Only Access", the emails will be the main way you receive the program instructions, checklists and guides.

Step 2.

Get the "Starter Foods" from your local grocery store!

Just buy and have them ready.  Don't do anything with them yet. In the program, we'll show you how to prep them to turn them into metabolic boosting compounds!

  • Raw Ginger
  • Dark Chocolate Bars or Baking Chips (must be 70% dark chocolate at least)
  • Red or Russet Potatoes (5lb bag)
  • Apple Cidar Vinegar
  • Lemon Juice (or real lemons)
  • Rice (brown or white)

Later, once you determine your body type, there will be a few more foods/nutrients assigned.

Step 3.

Get 2 light dumbbells

  • Females: use 2pounders if you're inactive and haven't done exercise the past year. 5pounds if you are currently exercising regularly. 
  • Males: use 5 pounds if inactive and no exercise past year. 10-15 pounds if active and exercising regularly. 

Also, if you have a yoga mat, you can do this from anywhere!  Get these items ready since the first movements are coming soon!

Step 4.

(If you added a buddy) Give us their info now.

Check your email now and reply with your buddy's name and email so we can add them to your account so they can get the email instructions.

That's it for now! Watch out for more email instructions to come!