What 21ers Are Saying...

Thank you for the exercises, the great information on what to eat, and the kind words and confidence you have given me.

This has been a real blessing and I so look forward to the 360 program

Thank you very much for inspiring me to work harder and get stronger, to be moving in the right direction.

Thanks for your commitment to helping people get healthier and believing in us!! 💪🏻

Thank you. Looking forward to 360 program.

Great combination of new ideas for metabolism improvements...

I enjoyed the positive feedback from you Ko, and also the ability to read others comments

I most enjoyed Ko’s style of positivity and hopefulness. He gave great information in an easy to understand presentation

Your positivity and thoughtful info you shared about improving metabolism. I am surprised about importance of the movements.

I liked the stories, the informational tidbits about food and eating and the exercise routines.

All of the information that I was given everyday.

I most appreciated all the good information (I took lots of notes!). This is a well-rounded program that addresses physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of wellness, something I have not encountered before.

I liked the videos each day that kept me on track- doing the exercises, tips for eating and the aspect of it being a mind and body program

Lots of small little steps, but probably must of all how you incorporated God into the whole process.

"I notice my pants and shorts have become looser around the waist even in the past two weeks! I can get up off the floor without using arms too. I haven’t been able to do that before."

"My mindset is much clearer and focused..."

"Overall feel stronger and more energy."

"I can do exercises easier and longer. I feel stronger."

"I could not do the exercise getting up from the chair without tremendous effort on the mop handle. I can get up now so much easier. I look more tone and fit."

"Feeling more knowledgeable about ridiculous taboo foods, such as rice, potatoes, chocolate, and salt. And a lot of new knowledge which feels empowering."

"Yes: I think my posture is better and I feel physically stronger, especially in my legs. It helps me walk better and more energetically."

"Yes because with Ko’s positive coaching style, I am more confident about not getting down on myself and to keep at it because I am worth it and health is worth it."

"Yes, I know that before the program I had some doubts about myself with people or with my abilities. I don’t have that any more and I feel much more confident."