Final WEEK:  Day19- Secret Core

BONUS:  How 3 "Core" Moves Done Every Day (for the next 30 Days) Can Give You...

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If you're wanting to...

  1. Snap In your waist
  2. Balance hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone)
  3. Reduce risk for stroke & heart attack
  4. Eliminate bladder leakage, dribble, incontinence

Here's your chance!

  Why do this?...   Your core is the center of your entire being and health yet most do not know how to keep it strong efficiently.  Do the wrong exercises and you waste your time, or worse, you injure yourself. Do the right exercises and you look and feel younger (anti-aging).  It's up to you.

*Precaution:  If you had spinal surgery and have pins/plates, don't force into any pain at all.


  1. Watch video and do the Secret Core Moves today. Rest 2 days (you'll be sore). Then you can do Core Moves everyday for next 30 days.  Strive to be able to do advanced level.
  2. Cardio & Repair Day:  Do your favorite cardio. For example, walk, brisk walk, jog, hike, stairs, etc. Be outdoors. See green. It's important. No treadmill or indoor cardio.
  3. Check-In below by telling me what you liked MOST about this session

Check-In for today's session below by telling me what you liked most about this session.

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