Final WEEK:  Day16 - Vibration

The Quick 4-Steps To High Vibrational Energy, Vitality & Physique

Your Cellular Energy Is Where It's At

Signs that you have low cellular energy:

  1. Check your Pee color: If it's too dark regularly or clear/no-color all the time, that's not good. See color chart.
  2. If you get headaches (or irritable) regularly. (2-3x per week).
  3. Pinch Test:  Pinch the back of your hand for 3 seconds. If the skin flattens down slowly, it's not good. It should flatten quickly.

Determine Your Results:

  • - If you have 2 out of 3 above, you have moderate issue.
  • - If you have all 3 out of 3 above, you have severe issue.

  Why do this?...   Until your cells are turned ON with a strong will to live, nothing will function correctly (hormones, organs, or metabolism).  But once you do these 4 steps, everything changes.

*Precaution:  All 4 steps are required in order for this to work.


  1. Watch video, then test your cellular vibrational energy.
  2. Eat/drink the 21Day Foods (& reduce or eliminate packaged & fast foods)
  3. Check-In below by telling me what you liked MOST or least.

Daily Workout:

  1. Cardio & Repair Day: Do your favorite cardio. For example, walk, brisk walk, jog, hike, stairs, etc. Be outdoors. See green. It's important. No treadmill or indoor cardio.

Check-In for today's session below by telling me what you liked MOST or least.

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