WEEK2:  Day11 - The 35+ Diet

"What To Eat, When To Eat, How To Eat For 35+ (Based On Your Body Type)"

(Also Learn The Top Nutritional Deficiencies That Rob You Of Your Health, & How To Fix It)

  Why do this?...   When you move correctly, eat correctly and rhythm with the sun, your health and physique transforms. "Eating Right" for those over 35 is not common sense so I simplify the process for you in this lesson.  Download Handout For Note-Taking.

*Precaution:  This lesson is to help you focus on foods and nutrients most important for your body type. It's not meant for you to completely restrict any entire food group or category.  A well balanced diet is essential for proper hormone and organ function. This is meant to help you understand the most common imbalances and deficiencies for those over 35, and for each body type, and help you work towards finding a well balanced diet.


  1. Watch video above and take notes. Download the Body Type Recap Slides here.
  2. Take the quiz below
  3. Check-In below by telling me the first thing you're going to implement from this training.

*Keep eating the potatoes, dark chocolate, ginger, and Morning Drink as instructed.


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