WEEK2:  Day9 - PMF

"The Fountain of Youth Food, The #1 Deficiency of The Decade, & Detox Moves Progressed"

It's a full day :)

  Why do this?...   We have too much toxin buildup in our muscles. Until we squeeze them, and create flow, we can't shed unwanted pounds.  -- Squeeze Your Muscles to Live Longer, Better, Sexier

*Precaution:  Don't do the last move (Half-Turtle) if you had neck surgery.


  1. Watch video above, do the Detox Moves (progress as you can)
  2. Learn Food #4 and how it satisfies one of the greatest deficiencies of our decade.
  3. Take the quiz
  4. Check-In below by telling me what you applying from the 21Day so far (if anything) and do you feel any different from before?

Food #4

I call it "The Fountain of Youth" Food but it's also known as "Food of the Gods"

What's In This Training:

An important nutrient that is deficient in at least 7 out of 10 Americans and contributing to many problems including obesity 

The BEST food to increase this nutrient in your body.

When to eat this food! 

How to Cut bad sugar cravings 

How to start reversing Aging with this Miracle Compound (Yay!)


Cut Cravings, Boost energy, and when coupled with the workouts, lowers cortisol and aides in fat burning (yay!). 

 This food is in the category of Miracle Food. 


 If you have any of the below symptoms, you may need to take extra supplement of this nutrient

 - high blood pressure 

 - fatigue 

 - muscle spasms, cramps 

 - muscle weakness 

 - agitation, anxiety 

 - depression 

 - difficulty sleeping 6-7.5 hours, 

 - higher anxiety/stress, 

 - nystagmus (abnormal eye movements) 

 - blood sugar crashes 

 - numbness 

 - irregular heart rhythm 

 - feeling like somethings wrong 

This is the supplement ko takes.

DISCLAIMER: Don't be fooled; There's a lot of conflicting information (and heresay) about this deficiency problem if you search the internet. That's why I only listen to formal research and real life results. Here's a sample for you research geeks :)

Take the quiz below.


Check-In for today's session below by telling me what you are applying from the 21Day (if anything) and do you feel any difference from before, if so, what?

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